Pick up please is a company that picks donations from homes and offices. It is the best service provider regarding donations pick up. Therefore in case, you have furniture and other items in your office or home that you want to donate you can call pick up the please organization. The money that is made from the donations being sold is meant to support the Vietnam Veterans of America. The items picked up are sold to the private companies.

If you want to donate your furniture pick up please has made it easier, although it is limited to only small furniture. They have a principle that if the furniture cannot be picked and easily moved to the truck by a single person, they decline the donation. This is because it’s only the driver who picks up donations.

Therefore, these small furniture include headboards, mirrors, office chairs, nightstands, and garage sale leftovers. These are the most common small furniture; most people tend to replace them often, therefore, give up the initial ones as donations. Mostly, it’s hard to find a second-hand buyer for these items. Some of the furnitures that may not be accepted include couches.

Pick Up Please Gladstone makes a donation of this furniture easier because it has a very simple procedure. First, you have to schedule a donation pick up. This is mostly done online. Then on the day of pick up, as arranged, you just label the donation items clearly and leave them outside your office or home. This makes it easier for the driver to identify them and pick them up faster saving a lot of time.

Donating your furniture through pick up please is fast and delays are hardly experienced. Pick up please pick up the donations mostly within twenty-four hours after booking your pick up compared to other companies that require you to drop you request weeks before the pickup day. Also, it is reliable because in case someone was moving out of their premises and wanted to donate small furniture; they can pick up these items before the person moves out. Their lines are also open day and night. Therefore, you can make your donations pick up request any time of the day.

Pick up please has an easy online service that can be accessed from the computer or mobile phone. Booking a pick up through the phone is easier, and many people use it to reach pick up please, you necessarily do not have to be near a computer.

Pick up please is also very transparent in their deals. It is also reliable because it has been offering this service of donations pick up for a long time. If you make a request, a tax deduction document is sent to you through your email. Donating your furniture is also a big contribution towards changing the lives of many veterans both young and old hence a positive thing.

Pick up please makes your donation of furniture convenient because of it is available across many states. You just have to drop your donations on the curb, the residence in the front of your office.

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