With an Autodesk Authorized Training Centre, one can accelerate the knowledge relevant to AutoCAD and Revit. Most of the CAD training institutes in India and around the world inhabit a classroom set training and some even provide online CAD training. These centers have Autodesk certified trainers who help pass on the vast knowledge they have to the students. Working with these knowledgeable instructors, one can utilize sample projects and exercises that are used in the real working environment as practical applications. In recent years Bob CAD training institutes around the world have evolved with time providing a variety of courses thus helping the candidates prepare for an Autodesk certification.


An Autodesk Authorised Training Centre helps you:

  • Gain knowledge and skills from highly qualified instructors
  • Learn within a great learning environment with excellent resources
  • Understand content suggested by Autodesk from Autodesk Official Training Guides
  • Develop skills with sample projects and exercises that are used in the real working environment
  • Select a class that is most suitable for your skill level
  • Learn at a time convenient for you
  • Sign up for custom, on-site training
  • Gain industry recognized certification upon completion of your course that is recognized within your profession
  • Certification


Throughout one’s professional career Autodesk offers educational resources, i.e. self-paced, instructor led or online training and certification that help you stay competitive. In today’s evolving competitive AEC market, competition for talent is extremely fierce. Universities around the globe look to enroll the smartest, most committed students and equip them for professional success after they graduate. On the other hand, employers wish to attract and retain well qualified, determined professionals who not only work hard but also help them win new projects and gain recognition in the industry. Students and professionals want to get ahead and stay there. This is where CAD training institutes come into the picture. They help students get the required knowledge about the industry through professional courses and by conducting the necessary examinations.


Benefits of Autodesk Certification through an Authorised CAD training Institute:

  • Helps you to gain an industry recognized credential that helps demonstrate your skill level
  • Allows you the access and use of the Autodesk Certified Logo
  • Allows you to display your Autodesk Certified Certificate
  • Gives you access to list your name in the Autodesk Certified Professionals Database
  • What to Look for in the Best CAD Training Institutes?


Reputation: It is suggested that applicants visit the CAD training institutes personally and verify several credentials such as when it was incorporated, its history, its goodwill in the market, the number of faculty members and most importantly whether its Autodesk certified.


Reviews: Though CAD Training Institutes have evolved with time with better training facilities, certified centers, online training provision and conduction of examinations. Students must interact with other students of the respective institute or browse through student’s testimonials available online to make up their mind of the Institute.


Teaching Methodology: Attend a demo class to find out about the teaching methodology. Attending a demo class can help students judge whether the teaching methodology is practical as per the industry standard and the right learning environment for them.


Course Curriculum: Determine whether the online Revit training (if provided) or AutoCAD courses offered by the institute are industry oriented or not? Does the course cover learning fundamentals such as the application’s interface, settings, etc.? Also check out whether the course is directed towards Architectural, Civil or Mechanical CAD.


Today, the best place to learn AutoCAD is Autodesk certified CAD Training Institutes. The institutes have evolved to the best of the students and have transformed the careers of many individuals. With best training facilities, books on courses, certified faculties, better infrastructure and provision for online training, Cad training institutes have changed the perception of many wishing to pursue a career in the AEC industry.

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