Email marketing is the emails that are sent to potential or current customers in order to convey some information or for some confirmation. It involves sending various stuff like advertisements, business requests, solicit sales and donations. It is a sole method to set up a connection between customer and marketer.

This is done by setting up an email list, then selecting the kind of information you would like to send and then send it to the whole list. This helps in evaluating older customers and acquiring the new ones. Email marketing can be of various types. It mostly has lots of benefits to the marketers and customers but also poses some threats like spam emails and dangers of cold marketing.

The types of email marketing include transactional emails, the emails that you receive as password reset, dropped basket, order purchase, order confirmation emails. These emails work only for the customers who are connected to the company and have confirmed the commercial transactions. There are direct emails too, which involves a direct message for communication and not through advertisement methods.

These emails are standalone advertisements in the form of texts, HTML, and rich media. These emails give sender and extra option of customer segmentation, which enables him to control the content that has to be sent to a certain customer. It ensures valid content passage. These emails include product catalog, special offers, etc. There is also mobile email marketing in which emails are sent just to create trafficking through smartphones and tablets. In this era of mobile phones if a marketer is not using this form of emails he is losing three-quarters of his potential customers because almost three-quarters of people check their emails through their mobile phones.

There are various advantages of email marketing like direct relationship and communication of customer and marketer. This helps in building trust between both. It is an easier and one on one connection. But it also poses some difficulties like spam emails. The unsolicited commercial emails are called spam email which irritates customers. Also, there are dangers of cold email marketing.

Cold email is not spam but just like a regular email, but it is sent to totally unknown customers which can be dangerous. Opening the links that you receive through cold emails can cause unknown bug risks. These bugs start attack exactly after you click the link. These links may also contain viruses that affect your other emails or even your device. These are the dangers of cold email marketing.

There are problems that a marketer faces in email marketing. First one is ensuring correct privacy and data protection. Some emails need to be only read-only in order to protect data. These emails must be properly targeted according to customers need and preferences. One wrong email can lead to un-subscription which is a great loss.

Undelivered emails and design problems are also a putt off for customers. The outlook of the email must be good and luring for the customers, and the functionality is important for further transactions. There are also size issues, using smaller files is much more preferred because they are easy to download and store. Larger files may consume more space and the downloading time may irritate customers.

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