A broken iPhone brings a long gloomy day for most of us. It’s kind of a charm that will always put our mood on the track. Therefore, when your gadget goes on strike, should you repair your broken phone or just buy a new one? Here’s a couple of reasons from a phone repair store in San Antonio.

1. Sentimental reasons

There are reasons to be sentimental to a gadget. Some of us might not cling to our gadgets, but there always be people who really love them. They may be too accustomed to the gadget and may have found what they really needed in them. Other reason may be that the broken iPhone once was given someone special, and it is full of fond memories which would otherwise get wiped in a flash if is not repaired. In this case, you may want to get it repaired, even at all costs.

2. Need an Updated Version

There is sometimes a pressing urge to buy a new gadget, even though the iPhone at hand only has mild problems. But are there any strong reasons behind your decision? If you need your gadget as it used it to be, it will be wiser to get it repaired. The case might be a little different if the intended new gadget has new important updates for your activities. An updated gadget may give you greater leverages that may not be able to be provided by your old gadget.

3. Repair or replace?

In some cases, repairing your phone might be a better option for your old broken gadgets. You may want to replace the parts as it still in its warranty coverage. You need only to bring your broken iPhone to its service centers and your online activities will be back on track soon –or may be not too soon. It is because often the replacement parts are not available immediately and they have to be ordered from some other places. If you have time and patience, there will be no problem. But if time is limited, finding a repair service may be a wise option.

4. Considering the Repairing and Buying Costs

Parts of an iPhone can be varied in their prices. Some of the parts are fairly expensive. A broken screen, for instance, may cost you a fortune and it can also not be guaranteed that it will be as vibrant as your old one. In this case, it is wise if you buy a new one. You may offset the price of the new phone with the money from selling the old one.

5. Beware of Refurbished Parts

If you have run out of warranty coverage, bringing your broken phone to the repair shop may be the easiest way to do. But you need to always keep an eye on the refurbished parts. This case sometimes happens in unauthorized service centers. They will give you the needed parts, but not of genuine qualities. The parts often come from other phones which fortunately still functioning. Of course, your phone will live and happy again. But with the already obsolete parts, your phone may be off again soon.

So, should you repair your broken phone or just buy a new one? The five factors above are only a fraction of the possible answers when considering repairing or buying a phone. But, overall, you are better placed to answer the question yourself.

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