This won’t be one of those articles that you have to read all the way to the end only to find an ‘on the fence’ cryptic answer, not at all. Should you text your ex? Straight off the bat, the answer is no. There is no reason on God’s green earth to pick up your phone and text your ex no matter how ‘legitimate’ the reason sounds in your head. Your hormones are probably controlling your reasoning, and that’s why you might want to read on and find out that every excuse you want to use (read as a mistake you want to make) has been used several times over with the same exact result; heart break and regret. There are also ways on how to get your ex back fast by text message but we won’t be focusing on that today.

I Miss What We Had Together

Nostalgia hits all of us now and then, but if everyone were to act impulsively on every feeling they had, then there would probably be no humans left on planet earth. Restrain yourself and remember that there is a reason you are no longer together. There is someone for everyone out there, and the fact that you broke up just means that you were not right for each other. Hang in there, and there will come along some other terrific human being with whom you will make amazing memories.

I Still Have Some of your Stuff.

Would you think your ex would have more than one pair of shoes right? Then why would you pick up the phone to ask them if they want their old running shoes back after almost six months? You will not only come off as childish and clingy but also get egg on your face after they reply back saying no it’s okay, I got a more comfortable pair’. If you are weak and you know that having your ex’s belongings around you will make you tempted to reach out, then it is best if you got rid of it all and avoided the regret that follows.

You Want To Apologize

So things did not end well for you and your ex, and you feel guilty for saying some mean things in the heat of the moment. Well, your heart may be in the right place but apologizing after some time away from each other might not be the smartest of ideas and the fact that it’s over a text message just makes it feel a little bit less sincere. You will get your hopes up about the apology or feelings being reciprocated, and that might not happen. This, however, doesn’t mean that you should not cease the opportunity to say you are sorry to your ex if you happen to bump into them on the street.

They are Going Through Something

A hero complex will leave you as sad as you were a year ago after you broke up with your ex and this is reason enough to no pick up your phone to offer ‘help’ because you found out that they are going through something. This goes for special days too, do not text them thinking that just because it is their birthday, they will forget how bad your relationship was. They probably have a support system in place because they moved on and it is about time you did too.

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