A few years back this question would not have been relevant, but it is now an ever-present and naggingly so because of how important mobile phones have become in our life.


Technology has made it such that we are now walking with computers in our pockets, making the mobile phone a gadget that we literally cannot do without as it performs crucial functions they help us to perform.


Literally speaking, technological advancement means now smartphones are everywhere and we us them for personal, official or entertainment purposes. Whether Android or I-phone, these devices are running applications which, depending on the need, some of us cannot do without but more importantly the question of to replace and at what frequency.


Prestige or the desire to be trendy and availability of disposable funds to spend will determine how often one would change their phone we would focus on some of those reasons that are conventional regarding informing the decision to change one’s phone.

1. When the screen breaks, It is obvious that if the screen were broken, the functionality of the phone would be hampered and depending on how comfortable yo would be walking around with crashed screen then it is an obvious reason to replace the phone.


2. Operating System refuses to update, or apps fail to work

Whether Apple or Android, they are often updating their OS and you might be left with a device that won’t let you enjoy all the features of the gadget. This will automatically require that you upgrade to another device, time to look out for the best mobile deals.In some cases, the OS may seem to be working, but the apps fail to function because the device won’t notices the need to upgrade. This makes it a requirement that you upgrade your device by acquiring a new one.


3. Processor becomes slow, and device keeps hanging

This is what determines how fast or slow your phone functions, and while sometimes folks may think the speed of the processor being slow is due to storage being full, it could be that your device is just slow and therefore the only solution lies in upgrading. So if yours is dual-core, then you might upgrade to a quad-core device.


4. Battery won’t retain power or won’t charge

Something we often deal with and can be frustrating to the nerve so when this becomes the case with your device, especially if the battery is inbuilt or cannot be replaced then there is only one way to get going again – upgrade your phone.The above reasons are only what may necessitate an upgrade or change of a mobile phone device but always remember that there are those who would simply want to upgrade because the camera is poor and the market releases what they consider better which makes the decision to change or upgrade your phone a personal necessity as opposed to being dictated by need.


Literally put, those superior features of a new phone in the market, its comparatively better camera, wider variety of apps to choose from, expanded space or even aesthetics or sleekness of look do not pass for the need test for upgrading but are mere luxuries that should never make you lose sleep if your phone is working, just fine.

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